Our Story

Founded in 2004, Reimer Reason Communications engages a web of professionals to help you tell your story. Through our network, we provide the experts you need for your communication or interactive project.

We each maximize planetary resources by working and living in the same space rather than driving to an office while we heat or air condition empty houses.

The Team

Sandra Reimer: Communication Strategist/Stellar Storyteller

Sandra Reimer founded Reimer Reason Communications in 2004. She discovered her passion for storytelling while working on the frontlines with people in poverty in Kitchener, Ontario. She has been involved with the non-profit sector in the Waterloo Region for more than 25 years as a staff member, volunteer and freelance communicator. Sandra helps busy professionals and visionaries discover their stories, discern a communication strategy, and deliver value to their clients.

Sandra is a professional member of the International Association for Business Communicators and a certified Email Marketing Specialist. She has a B.A. in Development and International Studies and continually upgrades her skills through workshops, webinars, and good old-fashioned reading.

Audra Noble: Graphic Designer/Image Wizard

With more than 20 years’ design experience, Audra has a gift for conceptualizing new ideas and bringing client projects to life. She prides herself on building strong relationships and understanding the full scope of her clients’ work so she can meet their changing needs.

She has a deep understanding of and devotion to the Waterloo Region, where she has lived, worked, shopped, volunteered, and raised her family for many years.

Audra believes that what she does as a graphic artist can inspire and give hope for achievement. “Creativity is a great motivator because it makes people interested in what they are doing.” — Edward de Bono