Our Story

Founded in 2004, Reimer Reason Communications engages a web of professionals to help you tell your story. Through our network, we provide the experts you need for your communication or interactive project.

We each maximize planetary resources by working and living in the same space rather than driving to an office while we heat or air condition empty houses.

The Team

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Sandra Reimer: Communication Strategist/Stellar Storyteller

Sandra discovered her passion for telling world-changing stories while working on the frontlines with people in poverty. She has operated in the non-profit sector for over 20 years as a staff member and later as a freelance communicator.

With strong project management skills, Sandra helps busy professionals and visionaries get their good ideas off the ground. She works with organizations to plan their communication and to ensure they stay connected to their clients and donors. Sandra brings strategy and focus to every project she tackles.

In addition to writing and editing promotional materials for businesses and community benefit organizations, she has written dozens of articles for regional and national publications. Sandra is on the editorial board for a national men’s magazine. She also has media relations and fundraising experience. 

Sandra is a professional member of The Word Guild and served as their managing director for two years. She has a B.A. in Development and International Studies and continually upgrades her skills through workshops, webinars, and good old-fashioned reading.

Wes Reimer: Web Guru/Photographer/Font Freak

Wes designed his first website circa 1996 for his used CD and book store. In addition to a retail location, he sold his products through an e-commerce website that he programmed, along with a point-of-sale/inventory system. While selling books and CDs online around the world, Wes discovered his passion for making beautiful, user-friendly websites.

After taking some programming courses, he worked as a webmaster and marketing assistant for a video rental and electronics store. Shortly after that, Wes took a job with a software consulting firm, where his graphic design and web development skills grew steadily over eight years.

Wes is zealous about web standards, usability, interface design and JavaScript programming. He spends hours obsessing over typography, colours and how many pixels there are in a perfect picture. He brings excellence to all of his print and web projects.

Wes is a rare artist-programmer hybrid.

Lately, his artistic eye is focused on photography. Wes has begun to win awards for his photos and continues to build his skills as a member of the GRIPS camera club.

In 2010, Wes joined forces with Sandra to extend the story-telling capabilities of Reimer Reason.

Audra Noble: Graphic Designer/Image Wizard

Audra Noble studied graphic design at Sheridan College. She has been working in the graphic design field for over 15 years.

Audra began her career in the print industry, then landed a job at a advertising agency in Cambridge. As senior designer she worked her way to art director on several large accounts.

In 2002 she followed her dream of starting her own business, Bam Creative Services. She has since been working with a variety of clients and industries and loves the challenge that each project brings.

“I like taking something that a client has and surprising them with something better. They say, ‘Wow that’s exactly what I was looking for but didn’t know I wanted.’”

While she keeps up with trends, Audra believes it’s important to create designs that are beautiful, professional, and will stand the test of time.

Hasan Ammar: Software Engineer/Web App Chap

Hasan is a software engineer with “full stack” experience developing a variety of web applications from the bottom up. Using languages such as Java, Python/Django, JavaScript/jQuery, CSS and HTML5 he has created custom applications to handle complex operations, such as an application that provides web, email, and phone monitoring of expensive assets using GPS devices.

Hasan designed and developed crucial components of Secret Builders, a web-based virtual world for children with over three million users.

He designed and implemented an API to access Secret Builders from the iPhone and iPad. He also optimized the database and programmed a tool to log data and generate reports on user activity.

He helped conduct and analyze the results of A/B testing to determine which user interface elements, workflows, word and image choices resulted in more click-throughs to payment pages and to completed payments.

With a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering and Master of Mathematics in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo, if Hasan can’t build it, no one can!

Marcy Kennedy: Editor/Writer/Twitter Titan

Marcy is an experienced copy editor and award-winning freelance writer with an eye for detail.

She writes search engine-optimized web content and edits corporate newsletters, academic papers, websites, and magazine content. Marcy knows her way around Twitter and advises organizations on social media strategy.

Marcy likes to write non-fiction articles about controversial topics, social justice issues, addictions, theology/religion, human interest subjects, current events, and the arts. Her work has appeared in publications across Canada and the U.S. She has also won awards for her fiction writing.

Marcy has a B.A. in social psychology and a master’s degree in theology. She is a professional member of The Word Guild. Find out more at www.marcykennedy.com, or at her blog Girls With Pens.

Lisa Hall-Wilson: Writer/Social Media Strategist/Facebook Fanatic

Lisa provides publicity, media relations, and social media expertise to non-profits. She writes marketing copy, web copy, donor correspondence, major donor letters, direct mail, newsletters, social media content, and media releases.

She’s also written newspaper and magazine articles for national faith publications. Lisa likes to write about hot-button social justice issues.

Lisa has a B.A. in English and a Bachelor of Education. She is a professional member of The Word Guild and the Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC).

With Marcy Kennedy, Lisa blogs at Girls With Pens.